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Amy Nicole

Holistic Nutritionist

Oh hey there, I'm Amy. I'm passionate about vegan cuisine, freestyle rap, and sustainable living. Most of all, I live for the comfy things in life. Most people believe that a plant-based diet is "limited", though I've always felt the opposite way. The crisp, juiciness of fresh blueberries, the sound of sugar-snap peas breaking in half, the texture of tempeh in a big, hearty, scrumptious vegeta-bowl! Allow me to share with you how I flipped my health around and tapped into my intuition on a deeper level.


Waking up well-rested, feeling healthy & confident in your body. Your digestion is good, your skin is clear, your mood improved... and you have so much energy!

That's what happened to me.

Skin irritations, chronic infections or acne? Been there. Bloating, weight gain and irregular bowel movements? Been there too. I changed my nutrition patterns in 2010, and I've been helping others make healthy changes since 2015. Today, I know what it takes to effectively create & sustain healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits.

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Welcome to Nutrition Wisdom

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Are you ready to...

  • Learn to eat intuitively and feel satiated on a plant-based diet?

  • Create your own, unique health habits (so you can stop the on-again-off-again dieting)??

  • Feel sexy and confident in your skin

  • Have the energy to exercise and have more adventures

  • Feel confident in your plant-based nutrition habits & kitchen skills

Ready? 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

Have you tried every diet out there and still not seen the results you crave?

I've been there, and let me tell you... Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what that is? Okay, here goes...

There is NO one-size-fits-all "diet"; you are unique, which means you require a unique health routine.

Either you understand nutrition, or you need to learn about nutrition. It's that simple.

That's how I went from sick in a hospital bed, overweight and unhappy to loving my body, looking and feeling healthier than I was even as a teenager.

Ready to join in?

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Student Testimonials

What others are saying about Nutrition Wisdom...

“Nutrition Wisdom was an INCREDIBLE program. The amount of dedication, organization, passion, knowledge, and advocacy that Amy brings to her clients is unparalleled. The program took me through a variety of steps to help me work through my dietary issues, mindset, emotional and mental habits with eating, the technical and biological components of food, and beyond. I cannot say enough good things about the program, and there is no one better than Amy to teach it. I know that I can always come to Amy with questions about food and nutrition and Ill always leave the conversation feeling inspired rather than defeated.”

Erin B.

“Amy's three-month course was very enlightening- I learned about nutrients and their various effect on my body and on the importance of making shifts in my routine in order to feel better- wether by adding some fun movement, being mindful, or even switching to more eco-conscious products. With all the important information, the weekly home play, and Amy's involvement in the process, it allows for a gradual change into a healthier life. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is ready to take the step of becoming a more awaken and lighter version of themselves!”

Kelly A.

What you can expect from this 90-day course

  • Become a pro at making sustainable, informed decisions in (and outside of) the grocery store

  • Uncover your ideal way of eating, specific to your current health needs (you'll also have to tools to adjust your nutrition plan as necessary in your lifetime)

  • Master your mind-body connection and learn intuitive eating habits


  • I'm a little skeptical about group programs, will it work for me?

    I was also skeptical about group coaching before trying it my first time. Please rest assured I would never offer or teach something that I didn’t truly believe in. The benefits of group coaching are numerous, however my top 3 are: The community: You’ll have access to other people going through similar life shifts as you. When things get tough, you’ll have a community to breathe life into you. When you have a win, you’ll have a community of others to celebrate with. The accountability: Yes, I’m here to keep you accountable, however I can only offer so much support for multiple people. With a group, you’ll have round-the-clock access to those who want to see you succeed and are willing to hold you accountable to the changes you commit to! The discussion: I always love hearing what others’ have to say. The beauty of groups is when everyone has their own experience, and questions to bring to the table. Things you may have never considered before. It brings perspective, and with perspective comes wisdom.

  • How long is Nutrition Wisdom?

    The whole course is 90-days (or 12-weeks) long. I know, I know… that feels like forever. Let me share something with you though… A lifetime of poor nutrition habits cannot be undone overnight. In fact, your “work” won’t be finished after 12-weeks… it will only be starting. I don’t believe in quick fixes, and if that’s what you’re looking for than Nutrition Wisdom isn’t for you. If, however, you’re ready to make life-long changes in your diet, lifestyle, and mindset; then you’re in the right place.

  • Do I have to be vegetarian/vegan to take this course?

    No, not unless you want to (in which case I fully support you). Nutrition Wisdom is for anybody and everybody who wants to make healthier food choices with a focus on plant-based eating. *Plant-based doesn’t mean vegan or vegetarian. It simply means someone who eats a diet of primarily fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

  • What is holistic nutrition?

    The philosophy behind holistic nutrition is that one’s health is an expression of the complex interplay between the physical and chemical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects of one’s life and being.

  • What does a holistic nutritionist do?

    Holistic nutritionists are dedicated professionals who adhere to the concept that health conditions will not magically disappear with a pill that masks the symptoms; you have to find the root of the issue, and treat it from the inside out. Learn more about my Code of Ethics here. Those who are trained in holistic nutrition use the “whole-person perspective” to support their clients, providing them with a personalized treatment plan that fits their individual needs.

  • How do holistic nutritionists work?

    Holistic nutritionists approach each person as a unique individual, requiring the full engagement of the individual in their health recovery process. We nurture one’s innate wisdom by working in an empowering and cooperative manner to carve a path to optimal (and sustainable) health.

  • Does my insurance cover this?

    That depends on your insurance plan, and I am happy to provide you with a receipt. Please check with your insurance provider regarding the amount of coverage you receive.

What's included when you register for this course

You learn timeless, step-by-step knowledge from a unique perspective of evidence-based nutritional research and Eastern philosophy.

  • Student welcome kit filled with hand-selected goodies to get you started in your sustainable, plant-based journey

  • One-on-one and group coaching sessions. Hands-on support by me, directly.

  • Countless plant-based recipes, PDFs, and lifetime access to all course content (plus all future updates to the course)

Course Curriculum

12 weekly modules, kitchen workshops, & group coaching calls

  • 1

    Module 0: Getting Started

    • How to get the most out of Nutrition Wisdom

    • Module 0 - Overview

    • Module 0 - Key Pillars

    • Module 0 - Habits and Success Schedule

    • Module 0 - Statistics

    • Module 0 - Goal Setting

    • Module 0 - Two Healthy Rituals

    • Week 0 - Your "Home Play"

  • 2

    Module 1: Nutrition Fundamentals Part 1

    • Module 1 - Overview

    • Module 1 - Macro and Micro Nutrients

    • Module 1 - NAG

    • Module 1 - Metabolism

    • Your New Health Habits

    • Module 1 - Home Play

    • Checking in...

  • 3

    Module 2: Nutrition Fundamentals Part 2

    • Module 2 - Overview

    • Module 2 - H20

    • Module 2 - Salt

    • Module 2 - Free Radicals

    • Module 2 - Antioxidants

    • Module 2 - Sugar and Artificial Sweetener

    • Module 2 - Food Combining

    • Module 2 - Home Play

    • Checking in...

  • 4

    Module 3: Gut Health

    • Module 3 - Overview

    • Module 3 - Enzymes

    • Module 3 - Colon Health

    • Module 3 - Gut Microbiome

    • Home Play

    • Checking in...

  • 5

    Module 4: Insulin Resistance

    • Module 4 - Overview

    • Module 4 - Insulin Resistance

    • Module 4 - Lesser Evil Concept

    • Home Play

    • Checking in...

  • 6

    Module 5: Exploring Diets

    • Module 5 - Overview

    • Module 5 - Exploring Diets

    • Module 5 - Fasting

    • Module 5 - Food Reactions

    • Module 5 - Nutritional Habits

    • Home Play

    • Checking in...

  • 7

    Module 6: Detoxing 101

    • Module 6 - Overview

    • Module 6 - Toxins

    • Module 6 - Detoxing

    • Module 6 - Respiratory System

    • Module 6 - Skin

    • Home Play

    • Checking in...

  • 8

    Module 7: Detoxing 101

    • Module 7 - Overview

    • Module 7 - Food Labels

    • Module 7 - Home Play

  • 9

    Module 8: Awaken

    • Module 8 - Overview

    • Module 8 - Stress

    • Module 8 - Mindfulness, Meditation, Gratitude

    • Module 8 - Sleep

    • Home Play

    • Home Play

  • 10

    Module 9: Awaken

    • Module 9 - Overview

    • Module 9 - Beliefs

    • Module 9 - Self Image

    • BONUS TRAINING: Conscious & Subconscious

    • Home Play

    • Checking in...

  • 11

    Module 10: Love Your Routine

    • Module 10 - Overview

    • Module 10 - Self Care

    • Module 10 - Building Your Ideal Diet

    • Module 10 - Constitutional Eating

    • PLEASE ANSWER: Checking in...

  • 12

    Module 11: Training, Movement & Play

    • Week 11 - Overview

    • Week 11 - Training

    • Home Play

  • 13

    Module 12: Habitat

    • Module 12 - Overview

    • Module 12 - Sustainable Development

    • Module 12 - Doing yOUR Part

    • Home Play

  • 14

    Weekly Coaching Calls

    • 01.28.2020 - Coaching Call

    • 02.04.2020 - Coaching Call

    • 02.11.2020 - Coaching Call

    • 02.18.2020 - Coaching Call

    • 02.25.2020 - Group Coaching

    • 03.03.2020 - Group Coaching

    • 03.10.2020 - Group Coaching

    • 03.17.2020 - Group Coaching

    • 03.24.2020 - Group Coaching

    • 04.14.2020 - Group Coaching

    • 04.21.2020 - Group Coaching

    • 05.12.2020 - Group Coaching

  • 15


    • Almond milk / Almond flour

    • Kombucha from scratch

    • Pinterest for Recipes and Inspiration

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